We believe that we have only just slightly scratched the surface of the ultimate, and vastly varying, use cases of Blockchain technology. COOPY LABS aims to be a trailblazer of this evolution by integrating Blockchain into current traditional business methodology and technology development, whilst bridging the current gap between the digital and physical worlds. We believe that this will not only assist with accelerating adoption, but the use of the building blocks of the technology will enhance some of the current archaic ways of thinking, particularly within institutions and governments.

We believe that the power of blockchain is multi-faceted, however, of course, the first thing that springs to mind is financial decentralisation. That encompasses anonymity, security, end to end personal control, transparency, speed, etc. Not only does Blockchain allow for all of that, but it is also increasingly becoming the basis for the advancements in technology development and all that goes with it.

Unfortunately, the advancements of financial decentralisation is a blessing and a curse due to the nature of the world we live in…i.e the “powers that be” wanting ultimate control. On the one hand that is understandable since people do abuse the technology for “bad”, however we do believe there is a way for this to be appeased without needing to compromise on what Cryptocurrency was and is intended for.

COOPY LABS is the Global umbrella company that is creating a vast ecosystem building on Web3 and Web4 foundations to create futurable technology that will provide multiple revenue streams for the investors. COOPY will be running with the governing currency of the COOPY COIN.

Key components of COOPY LABS:

Technology / business incubator and accelerator

  • Incubating and developing our own in-house technologies

  • Investing in and incubating early-stage companies and / or business ideas. Seed and accelerator stage investment.

  • Crowdfunding opportunities

  • Neobank - COOPY account and card

Fractionalised Investment Fund

  • Opportunity to be a part owner of otherwise unattainable assets due to their high costs

  • Diverse trading and investment ideation groups


  • Gaming

  • AR

  • VR

  • Adopt and grow your own COOPY character

Be sure to read more and if you have any questions join our community and we will be happy to answer any questions.

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